Severe Car Crash on George Washington Parkway


Orly Larson from 2011

Izabelle Larson, Reporter

Imagine driving alone in the middle of the night and then out of nowhere see someone crushed under a car. In 1981, this happened to Orly Larson while he was driving on George Washington Parkway in Maryland.

Orly was driving back from his brother’s house while he was away on a business trip to Washington DC when he comes across a bunch of rocks with a sports car flipped over on the road. There were two men involved in the accident who were about 20 to 21 years old and also  driving drunk as well as speeding. One man was able to get out on his own although he was injured, while the other man had the windshield crushed in around his head.

“I couldn’t just drive by and not do anything,” said Orly. He continued by explaining that the trunk was busted open and he found some golf clubs. He used those golf clubs as a leverage to lift up the car enough for the man to be able to breath. Orly stayed there holding the car up for about 30 minutes until a man on a motorcycle came down the road and the men were able to ask him to call for help. Then another 20 minutes later the ambulance finally showed up.

In the end both men lived. The story was on the news the next morning, although Orly wasn’t mentioned. A few weeks after the accident, Orly received a letter written by the man’s mother. The letter was thanking him for saving her son’s life.