Demone Carter; educator, entertainer, emcee, and rapper


Demone Carter

Ruby Carter, Reporter

An artist, an educator, a entertainer, an emcee, and a rapper. All of these traits describe Demone Carter, a role model who has had a huge impact on his community. In 2004, Demone started his journey on a path that has ended up impacting many areas of San Jose. Through art Demone Carter has been able to improve the quality of living for the youth and the residents of the Mayfair community.

In 2004, Demone Carter founded Unity Care’s Hip Hop 360 after school program that helped over 1000 youth connect through the four elements of hip-hop. This program was ended in 2010 but Demone wasn’t finished yet. He opened the Futureartsnow! program which was created to fill the gap from the absence of school art programs.

More recently Demone fulfilled the job as program manager of the Multi Cultural Artists Leadership Institute (MALI). Through his work with The School of Arts and Culture, Demone runs a project called Celebrate Mayfair. Celebrate Mayfair is a project conducted to improve the quality of life in the Mayfair community of San Jose by bringing art and beautification programs to the community. “…we give residents of the Mayfair community an opportunity to express themselves through both artistically and politically,” says Demone.

Demone has been recognized by many groups in San Jose. In 2014, he was given the Leigh Weimers Emerging Artist award  from the San Jose Rotary Club. Futureartsnow! received the Service to Youth Award from San Jose Corps and The State of the city Honoree from the City of San Jose. In 2016, he received the Artist Laureate Award and Metro Magazine named Demone “Silicon Valley’s best Mentor” of 2013. To learn more about Demone and his work visit