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  • March 19National walkout on March 14th a success: government contemplating gun control

  • March 8Herman girls soccer team win 6-0 against Davis

  • March 6Herman boys soccer team win 4-0 against Valley Christian

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My Unassuming Hero

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Immigrants: the true heroes of our country. There would not be an America if it wasn’t for immigrants. Immigration has been all over the news. From news about DACA to immigrants being deported, immigration has been talked about a lot in the past years. Here is the story of my great-grandma (Oma).

Oma immigrated from Holland when she was 28. Oma immigrated in 1955. If Oma did not immigrate to America, my parents would have never met, and I would have never been born. My parents would have never met if Oma hadn’t immigrated because my dad would have been born in the Netherlands, and my mom was born in America, meaning they would have never met because they were on pretty much opposite sides of the world. And if they never met, they would have never had me or any of my siblings.

Had a good job, got a nice house and a car right away. No one in Holland had a car!”

— Oma

Oma was only able to come over to America because Lockheed, an airplane defense company, hired my great grandpa and asked for him to come to America. Lockheed paid for everything. Lockheed got them a car to get to the airport, got them on a plane to a port, and then got them on a boat all the way to America. Lockheed paid for them to get all their stuff over to America. Then Lockheed made sure that they were well taken care of, without fear of starvation or dehydration. Lockheed also made sure that they did not have to be tight on money and extra conservative to survive. In other words, Lockheed gave them food, water, money, transportation, a job, and a house to sleep in.

So, now you see that you don’t have to leap out of a burning building to be a hero. Even immigrating to America can be seen as being a hero. If Lockheed did not ask Opa to immigrate, Oma would never have come over, my parents would have never met, and I would never have been born.


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