Very unassuming heroes


Everyone has an unassuming hero. Most people do not know it, but that is why they are called unassuming. You have no idea until you actually think about what the person has done for you, and how they have treated you, that they might be a hero.

My unassuming hero is Daniel Zaragoza. He has inspired me to do many things, and he was the one who motivated me to keep playing piano after he stopped. He has also been in my soccer team, which has influenced me a lot. He was also the one who taught me to be more aggressive in soccer, although, he might not know it.

Of course, there are people who have done a lot more than Daniel, such as my parents. But the only difference is, my parents are not unassuming heroes. They actually would be the first people you think of as my heroes. That is why I decided that Daniel is my unassuming hero. He may not be the first person you think of as a hero, but he has done a few amazing things for me.

Daniel Zaragoza says that it is feels good, but weird, in a way, because you know you’re inspiring someone. His unassuming hero is, as many would say, is his mom.

I didn’t do anything though!”

— Daniel Zaragoza

He has also done many other things to help me with my  activities. He has also inspired me to work hard in school to become a physicist, more specifically, in particle theory. He is also very kind to me (most of the time), and has also influenced me to be more interested in video games, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Unassuming heroes, especially mine, can truly be very unassuming. The most important thing he has really done for me though, is teach me to have a social life. I actually used to be very antisocial, and Daniel was one of the people who helped change that.

Unassuming heroes aren’t always your friends or family. They can really anyone who has done something to support you. If someone saved you from getting destroyed by a car, would that person be your unassuming hero? Chances are, they would. Because that person did something dramatic that changed the course of your life. They would probably be your unassuming hero.

Unassuming heroes can even be unassuming to themselves. They might not actually know they are doing something to help someone else. But they could actually be making a huge difference in someone’s life, if not multiple people’s lives.