Heroes are not what you believe at first

Heroes are not what you believe at first

Evaristo Nolasco, Editor

A hero in real life is different than a hero in the comic book or cartoon world.

Rigo is a parent of a student at Herman/AdVenture STEM program who  has done so many things that now he is considered a superhero in real life. Rigo has done many things at many different occasions like save a man who fell off the sidewalk and was in a serious medical state. He also has taken many risks to help or protect his family or others families in need.

The reason Rigo does this is because some people need help at some point in their lives, and no one can tell when that time will happen. There will always be people who will be there that can help, but most people decide not to step up and get involved. Rigo takes the opportunity when he can to help people.

People can also live in a world that is full of changes. If we decide to do so, we can stop doing the things that are bad and make good decisions. People can have or be a hero in real life, not a hero from a comic book or a cartoon. A hero in your life, whether or not he or she is recognized, is still a real life hero.

“We need people you can rely on because you can’t help everyone by yourself,” said Rigo. This world is so big, in order to help people, you must have a big group that is able to collaborate without violence.