The Maker Lab


Nathaniel Ward

The Maker Lab (on the left side)

Nathaniel Ward, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to tinker or see how something works? Then come to the Maker Lab in AdVenture STEM, which was founded by Michelle Link, AdVenture teacher. The room was originally the Assistant Principal’s, Jeremiah Podczaszy, Language Arts classroom. The Maker Lab project is an interesting experience and gives students a space to be creative.

In 2016, a project called Maker Hour was launched. Only a select number of students were invited. There was a major project at the end of the year where we had to create a Rube Goldberg machine. Each one was different. Maker Hour did not continue in 2017 due to a lack of donations. “People did not donate and only devoted people donated,” said August Pfeilsticker,  a student who has worked in the Maker Lab.

The Maker Lab in Adventure has many interesting things for students to explore. For example, the Maker Lab has a 3D printer. Students use this for projects or for fun. The Maker Lab also has a heat press for making T-shirts. Both are functioning and still in use.

Maker Hour is a fun and interesting program at school. The Maker Lab is still used, but may not be available due to a lack of donations. Donations are the only way to sustain the Maker Lab. Please donate to the AdVenture STEM Maker Lab. Anything can be donated, glue, wood, metal, electronics, etc.

In order for a school to have a Maker Lab and keep it running, it requires a few things: It needs a clean space, it needs materials to use ex. 3D printer, and has to have people using it. You can read more about how to keep a Maker Lab at It will explain more on how to create and sustain a Maker Lab on campus.