School Closure

School Closure

Sasha Mclin and Eli Stahl

In 2018, certain schools in the Oak Grove School District will be closed due to budget cuts. It’s a fact that schools don’t get much funding to stay open. Some of the schools on the list to possibly close are: Santa Teresa, Miner, Frost, Baldwin, Oak Ridge, Del Roble, and Glider. The schools targeted for closure are all elementary, so all of the middle schools  will remain the same. However, just because their schools are remaining open, does not mean middle schoolers don’t have opinions on the subject. In fact, one 7th grader at AdVenture Herman, Jeremy Van Ham, says, “I really hope they don’t close my old elementary school, Oak Ridge. I want it to be there for many more years.”

With schools not earning enough money to remain open, some will be forced to shut down. The School Board’s decision is to close three to five elementary schools beginning 2018-2019. Students will be moved to new schools. Teachers all around the Oak Grove School District are worried for their schools.

It’s sad, but I understand it needs to be done”

— Olena Mclin, a teacher at Anderson Elementery

Teachers in the Oak Grove have been going to meetings to try and convince the School Board not to close their schools. These meetings are open to anyone who wishes to go and support or protest. The last meeting was not long ago, on December 18, 2017.

While some teachers spent their last few days before the holidays going to staff parties, playing games like white elephant, and just having a good time, other teachers were starting to build up fear that their school is the number one choice the School Board is thinking of closing.

It is official that schools will be closing. Are you on the list? Keep up on the Oak Grove website, and remember to support your school!