Why is this blocked?

All students’ Chromebooks in the Oak Grove School District now have the Securly extension installed onto their Chrome browser. Securly is a browser extension that blocks games or inappropriate sites.

The one problem is, Securly has been blocking sites that help students learn, such as a document that is called the 5W’s and 1H, which was categorized under pornography a few weeks ago. The 5W’s and 1H is a document that we use to write news article drafts with.

Every day at school, students come to learn, but Securly is holding them back from doing so. This is happening because of the random sites it blocks, which can be very inconvenient. Especially inconvenient in AdVenture STEM, where technology is used almost every day.

Again, it is not only AdVenture who has been affected by this. All other schools in the Oak Grove School District have been affected by this, and it is very annoying when you get blocked from something you need for your education.

It is not everything that is blocked however, Recent addition to the whitelist (whitelisted by Securly) allowed more sites to be accessible to than before. There are still, however, websites that are unnecessarily blocked.

Mrs. Hogen-Esch, a Math teacher at AdVenture, says, “The district IT department are the ones who have decided to install Securly.” According to Mrs. Hogen-Esch, the reason the IT department installed this was because students were playing games behind the teachers’ backs or were on inappropriate sites.

“When we started having a lot of technology and internet access, in general, especially for teens, we ran into a lot of situations where kids were using the internet inappropriately, such as emailing each other about inappropriate content.”, says Mrs. Hogen-Esch

There have been other extensions/applications installed by the IT department such as iboss. iboss was a bit less efficient because it blocked sites such as YouTube, which we sometimes use at school, although it is reasonable to block.

All in all, Securly may not be the most convenient browser extension which does what it does, but it definitely does it correctly.