Do You Like Drawing?

Do You Like Drawing?

Evaristo Nolasco and Julian Gonzalez

Do you have a passion for drawing or writing things on your free time? If you like doing those things, you should go to Comic Club. Comic Club is a place where people can draw and write comic based on what they want or express your feelings in art.

Comic club starts on a Monday during lunch time for students that is from 12:04 to 12:40 at Herman/AdVenture Middle school and the club is run by Bryan Warshawsky. Mr.Warshawsky opens at 12:04 and closes around 12:38 to clean up and get the kids out so they can go to there classroom without any clean up to do when the bell rings.

Students have a place to share their comics and drawings with other. Students won’t get in trouble while they draw since a lot of students have a passion for drawing/making a comic. The way that the school organized this is by scheduling dates on Monday to have a classroom so the students have a place to sit and draw on a flat surface.

Most kids express their feelings in writing and comic because it helps them calm down and do something they like the best. Kids go to classroom 21 for a place to do something they love like drawing or expressing their feeling in a form of drawing instead of going to a classroom and doing something they don’t like. Comic club was founded in 2015 by a student named Luke.

“I wanted a place to make comics with other kids that also wanted to make comics and share them with each other. I started it in 2015 when I was in 5th grade. I let Mr.Warshawsky take over for him while he was in class,” Luke said.

Comic club is the perfect place to go create and share your comic while have fun sharing them with other people during your free time/lunch and enjoy fun time while drawing.