AdVenture’s Tech Problems

January 11, 2018

Students at the AdVenture STEM program and Herman have been experiencing problems with their tech. For the last few weeks, students have been trying to do their work with slow WiFi.  This has been very hard for students who are trying to complete their work or finish a test. Since most classes were doing iReady testing, there are lots of students on the WiFi.

Students have had question about these issues. So they have conducted an interview with a staff member from the IT department at the Oak Grove School District.

IT said, “Connection issues are happening more frequently than the past few years because our wireless routers are getting older and older. These routers are design to support 15-20 clients per router. Average connection per classrooms are 30 to 35 clients.”

He also said this problem is not just happening at Herman and AdVenture, it is happening at every school in the district. Students can help prevent slow WiFi by taking their personal devices off the school network.

As time goes on with the problems the students say that it is difficult to complete their work efficiently when they can’t even open up a website. It takes a lot of time just to login.

Finally IT also said that this summer the district plans to replace the routers. But there is a problem with that, too. He said that the plan may not happen because of the district’s budget issues.

In conclusion, the slow WiFi has affected not just students at Herman and AdVenture but the whole district. We can only assume that they are experiencing the same problems. The students hope that the WiFi improves so that they are able to finish their work more efficiently. 

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