Girls Basketball Season

Picture taken after the game

Picture taken after the game

Luke Pires, Reporter

Girls basketball started in october and the Herman patriots have been doing very well this season. Their current score is 3-2 and they still have a couple of games to go. The girls basketball “A” team have recently beaten Soloranso Junior High, and hope to keep going strong.

At practices the girls most frequent training is practicing their plays. The plays are the formations and movements they make on offense and defense. Some plays include the box, man-to-man 1-3-1 and more. Team herman has three practices a week depending on if they have a game. If they don’t have a game, practices are everyday of the week. Practices are always after school at 2:30 to 4:00.

“I play center on my team” Says “A” team member Isabelle Larson. “Our most frequent play on offense is The Five.”. In response to why she likes to play basketball ¬†was “Because I’m really tall, so it’s just kind of natural to me and I can do my best”.

“The hardest team we’ve had to play was the Brownels, because they had a really strong offense and a really strong defense.” All the team has to do is realize what the other team is doing and find a counter

I asked her what her dream was for the basketball team was. “I want my team to make it to the playoffs. We already are in the running for it, we just have to play harder.”