Students Rock Out On Campus

Nicolas Ramos, Reporter

Friday, November 17, was Music Spirit Day. On this Spirit Day students dress up as their favorite rapper, rocker or country music star. This happened all around campus, and there was also a dance party in the gym at lunch so students could ‘rock out.’ Herman/AdVenture STEM Student Council made this happen because it’s fun to designate school days where students wear a certain theme of clothes. Every Spirit Day, students can earn spirit points for their class to earn a pizza party at the end of the year.

The school was on a normal schedule during Spirit Day. Many students and teachers participated by dressing up as their favorite rapper, rocker or country music star. At the Dance Party during lunch, students requested their favorite songs to hear and ‘rock out’ to.

According to Lucas Perez, a 7th grader, “It’s a cool opportunity for others to dress up as their favorite music performers.” It’s easiest for him to dress up is a rockstar because he has dressed up as a rock star before, and he already has the materials needed.

When he was asked what they could do to make the Spirit Day better, he said he would to add different genres because it provides more opportunities for others to dress up who may not enjoy these specific genres.

The next Spirit Day will be held on December 15, 2017. All students will be able to wear festive, holiday-themed clothes for the duration of that day.